Adding value to the Ward Councillor

4 July 22

Ward councillors are a representative conduit between the communities they represent and the respective municipal council. One of the main tasks of a ward councillor is to provide feedback from ward meetings to citizens and assist the community to identify needs and priority areas of development.

Through CP3 dashboarding, it is possible for Ward councillors to engage with the approved budget and other capital budgetary metrics in their municipality. In addition to this, Novus3 empowers municipalities to more easily engage with ward councillors in a way that budgets are uncomplicated. This engagement will indirectly strengthen the relationships between ward councillors, the municipality and all citizens based on the fact that information is shared transparently and solutions can be discussed openly.

Contact us for more information and we can set up time together to discuss ways to enable your relationship between council and citizens, using CP3 dashboarding.

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