A turnkey platform to articulate, apply and track objectives within diverse operating environments.

A unique and innovative capital investment planning platform.

  • An repository where projects can mature to readiness.
  • Alignment of capital with strategic-, spatial-, technical-, financial- and/or other objectives.
  • Configurable, multi-criteria modelling (prioritisation) of capital expenditure.
  • Configurable capital budget development with scenario testing and auto-refit functionality.
  • Financial and milestone-based project implementation tracking.
  • Multiple reports in a format that allows for further analysis.

the platform

a fresh approach

Recognising a market need to effectively manage capital planning not just from a tactical perspective, but also through ongoing and efficient tracking and conclusion of projects, the platform introduced fundamental and philosophical building blocks to:

  • Assist customers to realise perpetual organisational efficiencies through organisational integration and improved capital investment oversight,
  • Create better analytical data to help with decision making 
  • Introduce customisable modules from a SaaS perspective to support different industry requirements.

the process


The CP3 software service provides one portal where capital needs are registered. It provides the ability for innovative prioritisation of these needs reflecting the specific needs of the organisation. The budgeting module facilitates the development of a budget fitting strategy and allocating budgets in accordance to pre-determined bins or alternatively, the user can allow the system to determine the true size of the bins.

 The last step is to allow project managers to track the timely implementation of capital needs by tracking both financial and physical progress. 

the outcome

Fiscal, Operational and Strategic Efficiency

The CP3 software service assesses the spatial priorities, economic, social and environmental impacts, affordability, as well as project readiness and contextual considerations to holistically prioritise projects.

The software even facilitates the development of a budget fitting strategy and allocates available capital in accordance to pre-determined groupings. Project managers are also able to track the timeous implementation of capital needs through financial and physical progress reporting.

for any organisation

National Departments | Metropolitan Cities | International Funders | Local Departments | Smart Cities | and many more…

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