Adding value to a Citizen

13 July 22

When a municipality has Novus3 by its side, it will positively impact several processes and outcomes. It means that capital projects will be chosen based on a prioritisation model, ensuring that projects are not implemented on a hap hazard scale but rather through a scientific based approach. This process is transparent and will ensure that money is spent in the right places without any external influences.

What this means for you as a citizen, is your council is being equipped to make strategic decisions with the help of reliable data and support. Using CP3 in your municipality also means that data and knowledge is no longer held by one person but is rather decentralised. Ensuring that your municipality is ALWAYS equipped with the information it needs, in order to make strategic decisions. This will enable the IDP processes, Budget Adjustments and Planning to run smoothly due to the various modules on CP3.

Contact us for more information and we can set up time together to discuss ways in making your municipality run more efficiently and transparent.

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