Adding value to the Budget Office

26 May 22

Budgets, balancing and working with money isn’t an easy feat, especially in a municipal office. Traditionally, the role of the budget office has been to function as a central command post. This means the Budget Office is responsible for the items of expenditure, monitoring compliance with regulations, ensuring that the inputs are those agreed in the budget, and intervening as deemed appropriate.

Using our bespoke software, CP3’s budget scenario tool enables the Budget Office to easily optimise funding source allocation to capital projects, within the municipality’s available budget. This tool makes a significant time difference during the Budget Adjustment Process and the Capital Budgeting Process. The time efficiency insures that the municipal officers focus their time on the results and make more effort on the allocations then having to deal with multiple excel sheets. Plus with the MSCOA standardisation, all projects will have the relevant information!

The time efficiencies unlocked by CP3 allows for multiple budget scenarios and in so doing, allows for making better decisions. This results in the Budget office make an even more positive difference through their operations.

Contact us for more information and we can set up time together to discuss ways in making your municipality operate more productively, giving you more time to make strategic decisions.

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