The application of CP3 in various sectors – Contributing to the 4IR and the 2019 GovTech Conference

30 October 19

Today marks the last day of the Gov-Tech Conference 2019! Novus3 was very privileged to be able to exhibit our services and innovative fin-tech tools in support of our public sector.

The interest that CP3 got at the conference was very insightful. It confirmed that CP3 addresses a need that translates into a benefit for all South Africans. Capital management, decision support, budgeting and performance monitoring are essential tools in the decision-maker’s armoury. If wielded with diligence, the benefits of responsive and targeted investment of public capital start yielding tangible benefits – some of our biggest clients can attest to that.

The benefits of optimised decision-making, resource multiplication and strategic prioritisation are obvious – yet there preciously little on offer in this area. CP3 was one of (if not) the only strategic planning system that comprehensively and pragmatically addresses infrastructure service delivery, with a strong foundation built on an understanding of public sector processes, planning, budgeting and legislation.

The prospect of applying CP3 in various other sectors became obvious at GovTech 2019, as it addresses a fundamental question: How do we optimise our limited financial resources to yield the best returns in terms of transformation, social upliftment and good governance?

CP3 incorporates the consideration of economic impact, social inequality, spatial transformation, financial prudence, addressing backlogs, climate change, environmental impact and much more. An acknowledgement of this was seen in the interest that we have garnered at the GovTech conference.

We look forward to the next steps in our journey, that was made possible by this conference.

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