Adding value to the Office of the CFO

17 May 22

Being in the Office of the CFO proves to be one of the most important positions in a Municipality. Holding the position of the CFO means you are responsible for financial planning, cash flow planning, expenditure tracking and ultimately realising the strategic direction of the municipality.

Using our bespoke software, CP3, the prioritisation model enables the CFO to implement a defendable and transparent capital budget. The prioritisation module in CP3, unlocks up to 62% time savings in the capital budgeting process, whilst allowing multiple budget scenarios.

Our system based integration capabilities, gives CFO’s a high level of confidence as strategic decisions are influenced by actual expenditure trends. The seamless integration of the system into the municipal processes, enables the CFO to focus on making proactive decisions when dealing with capital.

The budget scenario tool allows for multiple iterations and ultimately testing of several policy choices; furthermore assist the municipality in optimising on resource allocation – making sure the correct projects are funded by the correct funding sources, whilst optimising strategic alignment of his/her municipality.

Saving time, saves money and this makes the world of a difference during planning budgets and adjustment budgets. Contact us for more information and we can set up time together to discuss ways in making your municipality run more cost effectively.

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