Grant Eligibility Identification: Applying CP3 to identify NDPG project suitability

24 June 19

Context: The National Development Partnership Grant (NDPG) aims to fund projects which are directed towards the creation of liveable, sustainable, resilient, efficient and integrated towns and cities while simultaneously eradicating spatial inequality. It targets projects which:

  • fall within spatially targeted areas;
  • upgrade and refurbish existing assets;
  • align with specific National Development Plan (NDP) Outcomes;
  • culminate in an infrastructure asset, and;
  • improves the quality of life of communities.

Result: CP3 was used to create a prioritisation model which scored projects in terms of their eligibility for the NDPG. The output, as shown above, is a relative ranking between a sample of municipal projects whereby the highest scoring project is most eligible for NDPG. The results show that the most eligible projects are already identified by the municipality as catalytic projects, and are also currently being funded by the 2019/20 MTREF. The key finding of this analysis shows that the CP3 model can identify projects which best align with the outcomes of the NDPG grant framework.

Conclusion: The results shows that there are mechanisms available to scientifically and rationally identify project suitability with respect to the specific outcomes of a grant, private fund, venture capital or investment initiatives of the like.