CP3 integrates successfully with ESRI

8 May 20

Esri is an international supplier of geographic information system software, web GIS and geo-database management applications which is widely used by some of our clients.

It is of great value to our clients if they don’t have to worry about the integration of their various solutions. For this reason, we endeavour to ensure optimal integration between CP3 and any other solutions, wherever it is widely used. CP3 can now proudly announce that we have tested and deployed a fully functional new version of the system, that integrates with the ESRI platform. The integration involves the co-sharing of geo-spatial data with financial data between the systems, where required.  The resultant outcome is less effort for our clients and more intrinsic value in using the CP3 platform.

This enhancement assisted us in investigating and employing several new integration methods, such as an automated data change identification bot, continuous VPN security verification, seamless integration protocols, etc. We are very proud of this milestone and look forward to apply this to other integrations as well.

If you need any more information or if you want to learn more about CP3, please visit our CP3 website at www.cp3systems.com or www.novus3.co.za.

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