Adding value to the Project Management Office

14 June 22

The Project Management Office plans, organises and directs the completion of specific projects for the Municipality while ensuring that these projects are on time, on budget and within scope. Project managers report monthly on financial and physical progress made on capital projects; enabling a municipal wide view on progress made towards service delivery. Using both financial tracking and non-financial tracking on CP3, project managers gives insight on all capital expenditure relating to their projects, and all progress related to said expenditure. They are able to see the planned expenditure vs the actual expenditure and this progress can assist in future project scheduling. Using the Dashboard feature in CP3, project managers are able have an excellent overview of their respective projects, giving way to an ongoing barometer of health.

Over a period of two financial years, the physical progress delay for an entire municipality was reduced by more than 15%.

Contact us for more information and we can set up time together to discuss ways in enabling your Project Management Office with the correct tools to ensure all capital projects are on time, on budget and within scope.

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