Adding value to the Integrated Development Planning Office

22 June 22

Local municipalities in South Africa use “Integrated Development Planning” as a method to plan future development in their respective areas. The IDP approach is an approach to planning that involves the entire municipality and its citizens in finding the best solutions to achieve good long-term development. In saying that, it is a requirement for all municipalities have to produce an Integrated Development Plan (IDP) – the single most important strategic document of a municipality.

Using CP3, the IDP office can more easily facilitate, and coordinate the IDP process, from planning to budgeting and beyond. Seeing that it is the single most important strategic process within the municipality, it is imperative for the process to run efficiently. In a single year of using CP3, the number of officials participating in the capital budgeting process increased from 7 to more than 300! Now that is collaboration enabled!

At the heart of its core, Novus3 wants to see your community needs met, through enabling your municipality with the right tools and strategies – ushering all capital needs through the budgeting process through appropriate prioritsation, strategic alignment and implementation monitoring.

Contact us for more information and we can set up time together to discuss ways in enabling your IDP office with CP3.

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